Friday, July 20, 2012

Tool #9-Interactive Websites/Apps

I think that its important to tie the technology to the objective otherwise you are not utilizing your time wisely.    We've learned a lot about congruency and to integrate technology with the same philosophy.  Students should be held accountable as a part of a life skill.  As adults in their professional lives, they will be held accountable for their work product and as children, it would be an appropriate life skill to be held accountable for their assignments.  Some interesting interactive websites that I  visited we Mangahigh and Learning Games for Kid.  I have heard about Mangahigh and many of the teachers at Frostwood speak very highly of it.  Being a Special Education teacher,  many of my students need numerous repititions of a skill for master.  Mangahigh would be an entertaining way to acquire additional repititions.  I also checked out Learning Games for Kids.  I saw that it had numerous games in different subjects that would provide reinforcement for my students.  There were ABC games, times tables, short vowel, spelling and vocabulary games.  I also saw three apps that would be appropriate and helpful for my students.  Many of my students would benefit from, with limited vocabulary this would improve their reading and writing skills.  I was thinking that when they are reading independently or with me, they could identify at least 3 words that are unfamiliar to them, look them up on the app, write or illustrate the definition and then use that word in a sentence.  For a writing assignment, I could require that they use at least one new word a week in a composition.  This is also one way I could hold them accountable.  I also liked Dragon Dictation and Idea Sketch.  Dragon Dictation seemed useful because they could match words with speech or work with a peer reader and respond to reading.  This seems especially useful for Science or Social Studies.  Their responses would hold them accountable.  Idea Sketch could be used for story sequence or main idea.  The work product would show accountability.  This could also be used for Science Labs or Social Studies.  They could use the Ipod/Pad to practice typing or writing stories, this would help with fine motor and would be a good life skill practice since they will most likely be keyboarding lifelong.

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