Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool #8-Tools in my classroom

I have been given an ITouch and an iPAD.  I have had difficulty finding good educational Apps and am glad to learn that SBISD has a place to go in Ed Tech to search for good educational apps and that there is additional training on Atomic Learning.  The special education department had us set up an ITunes account so I appreciate that I have already done this. I also didn't realize that you could view numerous web pages or watch web clips.  These would be useful for doing some research for a writing project.  I didn't realize that the web clips could also be saved.  Watching videos would also be great for my student who have difficulty reading.  I could use the voice recording so that students could listen to themselves read to help with fluency. Another thing voice recordings would be good for is for the students who have difficulty writing.  They could dictate the information that they learned.  I would use the devices as centers.  It would be available for the students who had finished working with me and completed their independent work.

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