Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tool #11-Reflections

It was a relief to me to know that SBISD has taken the time to find beneficial, appropriate and free educational apps that are located on Ed Tech.  I spent a significant amount of time trying to locate apps when I received my IPad from the Special Education Department and found it difficult to locate ones that I felt would be educationally productive for my students.  I like the way each one had a brief description of its application.  I particularly like the dictionary app.  I believe many of my students would have better reading comprehension if they increased their vocabulary.  There are so many words that are unfamiliar which makes comprehension very difficult.  It would be beneficial for them to identify words that are meaningless and then use the dictionary app to find meaning to incorporate new vocabulary into their reading, writing and speaking.  Many times my students can decode words but have no idea what they are reading.  I would like to expand their vocabulary by helping them to identify at least 2 unknown words a week, determine the meaning, write the word in an appropriately phrased sentence and then expand by using those words in a written composition to hopefully incorporate the new words into their personal vocabulary.  I knew that I needed to expand my use of technology in my classroom, what surprised me the most was how easy it can be.  I didn't realize that SBISD had consolidated so much information that is so easily accessed.  I struggled to find useful ways to use technology and didn't realize that it was so readily accessible.  I know that I need to take more time to explore the numerous apps available through Ed Tech as well as the interactive websites    offered by 11 Tools. I've been to workshops where they talked about  being "connected" to good teaching by  blogging but have never done it.  I now realize that there is so much offered and that I was narrow minded.  I hope to expand my teaching practices by blogging more frequently.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the 11 Tools, Linda! I knew you could do it! You will have the devices this ear to use all of those great tools you have been looking at. Keep blogging and sharing your great ideas!