Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tool #10-Digital Citizens

The first thing I would want to teach my students is not to believe everything they read.  The second thing I would teach is how to search and finally, to validate the information-use an additional source.  I read Vicki Davis' blog, I also read her blog in an earlier tool.  I find her to be very informative and "kid" friendly.  What I find most important to be a good digital citizen is to respect your own privacy and that or your friends.  Do not publish a picture or message that your will regret later in life.  I would let my students know that their prospective employers are checking now checking Facebook and Twitter and that they should never post something that their friends, neighbors or they would regret.  I will tell them not to be photographed in uncompromising pictures and not to publish a friend or family member picture.  I would tell them that it is important to be discreet and explain the consequences.  During parent conferences, emails and/or phones calls I would explain this philosophy to parents.  I might possibly send out a newsletter with the information about being a digital citizen which would list some of the websites presented.

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